Whimsical creatures that magically transform to explore, learn and play.

As quick as a twilight twinkle and a rainbow sprinkle, The Yup Yups can magically transform into whatever they imagine: everything from a Big Blue Baboon, to a Pink Pepper Picking Penguin! An easy to enjoy and imaginative property, The Yup Yups are curious and enchanting characters that focus on learning, empathy, and the simple lessons in life. Developed by the best selling interactive studio Industrial Brothers, The Yup Yups are presented as an educational short form TV series and an interactive mobile world for preschoolers.


An engaging animated series that is carefully designed to appeal to curious preschoolers. While each episode will focus on key social development issues such as making friends, conflict resolution and co-operation, the characters present the material in an imaginative and magical way that is both unique and entertaining. The Yup Yup characters communicate with one another simply by transforming into what they are thinking and feeling. The Yup Yups is a world of visual learning and empathy that is easy to understand.

On Digital: Play Park & Toy Box

Play Park is a companion app to the new preschool animated series “Yup Yups” as seen on Family Jr. In Play Park, your preschooler will have an opportunity to interact with the character Pink. She loves to transform into all kinds of objects and wildlife and with Play Park you can decide which ones she turns into. Toy Box is an exhilarating companion game to the new preschool animated television series on Family Jr. Each Yup Yup brings their own unique game! Blue’s Butterfly Balloon Adventure – guide Blue through many obstacles as he rises higher and higher in pursuit of a mesmerizing butterfly. 

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