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Anna Keenan

Mar. 8, 2021

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of women everywhere – and one very special lady in particular:

Anna Keenan is the brilliant Series Producer on Dino Ranch, and one of the amazing women keeping things running smoothly at Industrial Brothers!

Not only is she talented, organized, and full of great ideas, Anna is an incredible photographer. Swipe through to see a few pieces of her photography – each chosen in honour of International Women’s Day – and get to know her better below. 


What is your title? What production(s) are you working on?
Series Producer on Dino Ranch, which is currently airing on CBC and Disney Jr.

What inspired you to work in animation?
Ever since I was young, I used to love to play make-believe. I suppose it starts with a love of storytelling. There’s something intrinsically magical and fun about bringing things to life via animation that taps into the little kid in each of us. Animation gifts us those magical moments that make you say, “Wow”.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?
My favourite aspect of working in animation is, of course, the fact that I am working in animation! Working in an environment that is the crossroads of technical innovation and artistic exploration with a crew of intelligent and creative people is definitely the best aspect. Seeing all of the team’s hard work on screen and watching it literally come to life is an amazing feeling.

Are there any other creative disciplines you do in your spare time?
Outside of the Animation World, I am a Photographer.
One of the most important reasons photography matters to me is because it permits us to explore and understand simple moments that otherwise might be forgotten. Our minds fleetingly evaluate everything we see. A photograph lets us stop that cycle, take pause and more profoundly appreciate the moment.  The closer you get to people, the more they open up to their true emotions.
Each photo is a small moment that completes the larger picture of our lives. Photography speaks to the best and most generous part of my human nature – the desire to share what I find beautiful and interesting with others.
The most important photo I’ve taken to date was my Mom, Sister and Dad last year. My mom gifted us with a special moment a few months before she passed and let us take some photos. I felt like my whole life led up to that. I went all-in with all my whole heart in hopes that I could capture how deeply loved she is and do justice to the moment. 

Is there any accomplishment you’re particularly proud of?
Our legacy isn’t the work or accomplishments; it’s the people we touch and inspire along the way. I hope I accomplish that in some small way, in everything that I do. It’s important to listen and hold space for, build confidence and success into the young people who will fill in the professional spaces below, above and between us, especially the women trying to find their place in male-dominated industries.

Do you have a tip or piece of advice for aspiring production managers or producers?
One of the most critical steps that an individual can take to become an animation producer is to secure production experience. Working for smaller animation studios in production positions is a necessity. These positions provide a training ground to develop your technical and artistic understanding (and appreciation) of animation’s process and workflow. You also get to experience all the magic of seeing it come to life. 


Follow @annakeenan_photography & @revealing_2020 or check out to see more of her stunning photography ?

*Anna is also currently working on a photo series! For more information or to participate, visit: 


The Sheroes that appear in the above photos: (Anna’s Mom!)

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