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Irwin Gamalinda

Jul. 5, 2021

Meet Irwin, a Surfacing Artist here at Industrial Brothers!

Check out a few pieces of his artwork, and get to know him a bit below.

What inspired you to work in animation?
My father was a Draftsman and watching him draw in the basement on his drafting table was the spark which got me interested in the arts. It wasn’t until high school where I was introduced to the idea of having art as a career choice. We had a Career Day where an Animator from a local studio visited and delivered a moving presentation. His job description and seeing what he accomplished left an impression on me and inspired me to pursue this path.

What is your favourite thing about what you do?
Working with such talented co-workers is a big plus. Seeing the creativity from different departments is extremely beneficial in improving one’s craft. I enjoy working with great 3D models and enlivening them with colour and texture. It’s that little touch which brings to life what was originally envisioned as concept art.

What is a ‘fun fact’ about you that most people don’t know?
I’m a huge Wu-Tang Clan fan. Not only do I love their songs, but I also watch the old Chinese kung-fu flicks and listen to the 70’s funk songs they sampled.

Are there any other creative disciplines you do in your spare time?
I texture in 3D at work. But in my spare time I’d rather focus on figurative art and portraiture in my sketchbook.

Other than that, I started teaching myself Japanese, since I needed to occupy myself during these lockdowns. I’m still a beginner, but learning to write Kanji characters is really fun! Once the pandemic is over, I’m hoping to get into Japanese calligraphy. If anyone knows of any good places to learn, feel free to let me know!

Is there any accomplishment you’re particularly proud of?
My first big gig was doing some minor work for a video game called Darksiders. One Saturday afternoon I visited a comic shop downtown and noticed the art book for that game. I perused through the pages and my eyes widened as I reached the end of the book. It was a list of credits, and I was surprised to find my name there. I was new to the industry and the work I did for that project was barely noticeable. But still, I felt so grateful to be credited on such a cool project. I immediately bought the book and I keep it as a reminder of my first big break. At the same time, it encourages me to keep working harder.

Do you have a tip or piece of advice for aspiring animators/artists?
Keep a sketchbook! A lot of things are automated these days as software gets more advanced. But drawing is the foundation of all other art disciplines. And don’t throw away old sketchbooks. It’s like looking at old photos of yourself. You get to see how much your talent has matured over the years.


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