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Feb. 6, 2024 Dino Ranch WINS Kidscreen Award for ‘Best Holiday or Special Episode’!

Dec. 14, 2023 Dino Ranch Nominated for 2024 Kidscreen Award for ‘Best Holiday or Special Episode’

Dec. 1, 2023 ‘Dino Ranch – Ride to Rescue’ is now available on Nintendo Switch

Sep. 26, 2023 ‘Little Baby Bum: Music Time’ Now Streaming on Netflix

May. 23, 2023 Industrial Brothers Visits Northview Heights Secondary School

Apr. 25, 2023 Dino Ranch Wins WGC Screenwriting Award: Best Preschool Series

Apr. 20, 2023 Industrial Brothers Partners with Centennial Students on “Storyworks” Project

Mar. 31, 2023 Dino Ranch Wins GLAAD Media Award: Outstanding Children’s Programming

Mar. 27, 2023 Dino Ranch Nominated for 2023 Rockie Award for Animation, Preschool

Feb. 28, 2023 Asli Bulut’s Journey from Turkey to Canada to Pursue Animation Development

Feb. 17, 2023 Dino Ranch Wins Cynopsis Award: Best Preschool Series/App

Feb. 7, 2023 ‘Dino Ranch Live’ Roars Into 60 North American Cities in March 2023

Jan. 26, 2023 ‘Daniel Spellbound’ Season 2 on Netflix: Adventures and Spells in the Most Classic Sense

Jan. 11, 2023 IB to host Dino Drawing Class at Holland Bloorview – March 9, 2023

Nov. 11, 2022 IB Presents ‘Daniel Spellbound’ Panel at TAAFI

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Oct. 27, 2022 ‘Daniel Spellbound’ Now Streaming on Netflix

Oct. 13, 2022 Dino Ranch Renewed for Season 3

Sep. 29, 2022 Trailer for Daniel Spellbound Now on YouTube

Sep. 26, 2022 Netflix brings exclusive “Daniel Spellbound” experience to Haunt O’ Ween

Jun. 1, 2022 Dino Ranch Season 2 Trailer Released

May. 27, 2022 Dino Ranch Roars on to the Live Stage

Apr. 13, 2022 Dino Ranch Nominated for International Rockie Awards 2022 “Best Animation: Preschool”

Feb. 18, 2022 Dino Ranch Nominated for Shaw Rocket Fund Kids Choice Award 2022

Feb. 16, 2022 Dino Ranch Nominated for Canadian Screen Award 2022 “Best Pre-School Series”

Jan. 26, 2022 Daniel Spellbound – What We Know So Far

Aug. 5, 2021 Dino Ranch – Season II is Greenlit!

Jul. 16, 2021 Jazwares Brings its Prehistoric Play Game with New DINO RANCH Toys

Jun. 14, 2021 Exciting Times For the IB Tech Team

May. 18, 2021 Industrial Brothers and Giant Animation uncover how they used Nuke to bring colorful kid’s show Remy and Boo to life

Apr. 15, 2021 Dino Ranch Nominated for Shaw Rocket Fund Kids Choice Award


Mar. 2, 2021 Disney+ wrangles Dino Ranch

Feb. 5, 2021 Netflix has Summoned “Daniel Spellbound”, New CG-Animated Series

Jan. 22, 2021 Dino Ranch Stampedes into the Global Market

Jan. 18, 2021 Industrial Brothers Adopts USD Technology for Upcoming Animation Series

Apr. 23, 2020 Boat Rocker Studios Signs Scholastic for Dino Ranch

Sep. 23, 2019 Disney Junior Saddles Up For Boat Rocker Studios / Industrial Brothers’ “Dino Ranch”

Jan. 16, 2019 Top Wing Nominated for Two ACTRA Awards

Mar. 15, 2018 Dot. and Top Wing Nominated For Young Entertainer Awards

Jan. 26, 2018 Industrial Brothers & The Jim Henson Company Announce Greenlight of “Dot.” Season Two

Jan. 16, 2018 Dotopedia Nominated Canadian Screen Awards 2018

Dec. 12, 2017 Dotopedia Nominated Kidscreen Awards 2018

Oct. 11, 2017 New Adventures Take Flight in Nickelodeon’s Top Wing

Jul. 31, 2017 ‘Dot’ & ‘Dotopedia’ Nominated at 2017 Kids !magination Awards

Jul. 17, 2017 ‘Lights Out’ Selected for TAC Canadian Panorama at Ottawa International Animation Festival

Jun. 15, 2017 Dot wins Rogers Prize for Excellence in Canadian Content at 2017 Banff Media Festival

Jun. 6, 2017 Dotopedia Wins ‘Best Cross-Platform Interactive Content’ at 2017 YMA Awards of Excellence

May. 12, 2017 Dot Nominated for Two BANFF Rockie Awards

Apr. 10, 2017 Dot Editors Kurt Skyers and Paul Gitlin Nominated for Best Editing in Animation

Mar. 23, 2017 Kingdom Force – New animated preschool series from Industrial Brothers, Boat Rocker, and Fisher-Price

Mar. 21, 2017 Dot. Nominated for Two YMA Awards

Feb. 15, 2017 Dot. wins ‘Best New Preschool Series’ at 2017 Kidscreen Awards

Feb. 7, 2017 Sprout Cements Its Commitment to Original Programming With Greenlight of New Series Remy and Boo

Jan. 19, 2017 Dot. Nominated For ACTRA Award

Dec. 7, 2016 “Dotopedia” – Digital Companion to Hit TV Series Dot. Now Available

Dec. 6, 2016 Dot. nominated for Kidscreen Award

Jan. 13, 2015 Yup Yups Nominated for Two Canadian Screen Awards

Dec. 11, 2014 Spin Master Partners With Industrial Brothers for Gummandos

Jun. 12, 2012 Disney Junior Commissions Yup Yups for Tv

Oct. 5, 2011 Radical Sheep Options Yup Yups

Exciting Times For the IB Tech Team

Jun. 14, 2021

At Industrial Brothers (IB) we are very proud of our team and the work that we do, and some of that great work happens very much behind the scenes.

In the following article our Head of Pipeline, Mike Aquino (pictured above) gives us a look into the unsung technology team that supports the artists at IB in doing the amazing creative work that they do, and outlines why NOW is such an exciting time to work at Industrial Brothers.

Written by Mike Aquino, Head of Pipeline

This is really a great time to join the Technology Team (Tech Team) at IB. It’s an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a small, but growing, team that is making big things happen.

The part of the IB Tech Team that focuses on developing all in-house custom software for the production pipeline (i.e. the Pipeline Team) has built pipeline tools code-base around a foundation of the leading edge open source USD (Universal Scene Description) technology, Maya animation software, Houdini’s new Solaris context, and the Redshift GPU renderer. This new pipeline is in full production on an exciting action/adventure series for Netflix (Daniel Spellbound) that’s based on Industrial Brothers’ own IP (Intellectual Property).

With IB putting a brand new pipeline through its paces there is, of course, a lot of room for growth and improvements, and with that there are a lot of juicy software development tasks and projects to work on for Pipeline TDs joining the team at IB.

Right now IB is looking for talented Pipeline TDs to join our team! The job posting can be found here.

On the systems infrastructure (computer hardware, network, storage, and off-the-shelf software) side of things, IB had recently (about a year ago) completely re-designed and re-built their internal network from the ground up to provide an extremely solid technical foundation for the studio. As part of this initiative, the IB Systems Team built an extremely solid and reliable centralized file storage system into the new network topology, and a sweet render farm with a number of dense, multiple-GPU render nodes.

As well, tools deployment and render farm submission frameworks are well established and very easy to use.

All of this foundational technology infrastructure provides Pipeline TDs at IB with a solid base to work on top of so that they can just focus on being inventive and creative in their software development for the pipeline tool-set.

They don’t have to fight against legacy systems, or struggle against complex frameworks when doing their work in delivering great tools for the production floor.

One factor that really makes it great to work on the Pipeline Team at IB is the company culture of openness and communication. In a lot of my experience in the industry, the tech teams were often siloed, with very little real and direct communication between them and the artists and production teams; where everything would be “discussed” predominantly through ticket system comments. Sometimes even the Pipeline Team and the Systems (aka IT) Team would be siloed from each other, making it difficult to deliver cohesive technology solutions to production problems.

At IB, we have what I call the “Technology Trinity” (or just Tech Trinity), which is a leadership team made up of a Head of CG (Sumira Dhawan), a Head of Systems/IT (Jean-Paul Godmaire), and a Head of Pipeline (little ol’ me!). We are a tightly integrated team that is in constant communication with each other and that works very closely together to triage issues and collaboratively develop and provide solutions. It has proven to be extremely effective in providing fantastic solutions and tools that meet technical requirements but that also solidly meet user experience and work-flow needs.

With this leadership structure in place, we have been finding that the culture within the Technology Team (Pipeline, IT, and CG), and even the culture between the Tech Team and the production floor (CG artists and the Production Management Team) to be extremely collaborative.

But company culture does, for sure, start at the top – and what I’m very thankful for, in working at IB, is that the Executive Team here really cares about their people and also really cares about the creative energy in the company. The very cool thing is that they don’t even really talk about this caring so much; they just actively demonstrate it.

As well, I have found the Exec Team here to be very collaborative to work with. The Tech Trinity meets with the Exec Team regularly to ensure solutions fit within budgets as well as fitting in within technical requirements and user work-flow requirements.

A big part of the culture at IB is a focus on not overworking their crews. My team (the Pipeline Team) has worked very little overtime and I, personally, focus on my team working smarter and being sure we actively make adjustments often to meet production needs within a regular work week. Having the support of the Exec Team in this has really made it easier to keep my team working very effectively without overworking them.

Another big up-side to working at IB is that we are a studio that creates shows based on their own intellectual property; we create the stories, characters, ideas, and art in all of our productions.

For me, I find that the creative energy in a studio like IB is amazing and that’s something I am very drawn to in the work that I do.

The studio has produced really great kids’ shows like Remy & Boo, Dino Ranch, Kingdom Force, and Top Wing (among others), which all look fantastic. And the new Netflix show now in production, Daniel Spellbound (that I mentioned earlier), is really looking amazing – thanks to IB’s new USD-based pipeline, created by the Pipeline Team at IB in order for the studio to meet the very high level of quality that everyone wanted for the show.

From my perspective, it’s a really exciting time to be part of the Tech Team at IB, and I’m finding it a great experience working here. We are looking for some great Pipeline TDs to join us in making our production pipeline even more awesome, so if you are interested (or know someone who might be) please get in touch or pass it along!

Interested in joining the IB Tech Team?

We are actively searching for new Pipeline TD’s!

Apply here