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Industrial Brothers Adopts USD Technology for Upcoming Animation Series

Jan. 18, 2021

Toronto-based Industrial Brothers has become one of the first animation studios in Canada to deeply integrate Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) open source technology for TV and streaming series productions, bringing big studio animated feature film and big budget visual effects production to the small screen.

“Our workflow, timelines, and creative output have all benefited from our new USD pipeline,” said Arthur Spanos, CEO of Industrial Brothers. “The efficiency gains are really evident. The new pipeline is allowing us to produce premium, original animated shows more efficiently and effectively in order to meet the rising global demand for animation.”

The approach being used by Industrial Brothers allows them to build most assets only when they are needed, and only for the purposes they are needed for. This part of their approach provides them with the scope to reduce the overages due to unforeseen extra work that often comes up in animation productions.

“The powerful collaboration capabilities of Pixar’s USD technology has allowed us to restructure our workflow into a more ‘shot centric’ approach to 3D animation production. From a creative standpoint, there is more communication, collaboration, and adaptiveness than in most animation pipelines today,” said Matt Fernandes, Chief Creative Officer for Industrial Brothers. “Our USD-based pipeline provides us with the ability to course correct on technical and creative issues that arise in animation production, resulting in more opportunities to focus on story-telling and visual quality.”

Industrial Brothers is actively in production using their new USD and shot-centric based pipeline and ramping up their crew for their new animated series. Tammy Semen, EVP, Production for Industrial Brothers says, “While our studio continues to work mainly from home, the teamwork and collaboration aspect of the pipeline naturally brings us together. The creative energy and excitement are palpable — from the directing team through to all of the artists, as well as by both the production and technical teams.”


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